Games of the Revolutionary War Era


The game of Going to Boston is said to have been a game played in the Colonies, though I have not been able to find a specific reference to its origins. It is a simple game and plays very quickly.  Wagers are made on the outcome of a decided number of rounds or on the outcome of each round.


3 dice
A dice cup, dice box, or soldier's tin cup


The first player throws the dice. The die with the highest number on the first throw is put aside. If two or more dice show the highest number, only one is put aside. The player now throws the remaining two dice and again the highest number is put aside. The last die is thrown and the total of all three dice are added for the player’s score. The dice is passed to the next player. The player with the highest score for the round wins that round. A set number of rounds is determined at the start of the game and the winner of the most rounds wins the game.